“Looking to get more money, more fulfilment, and a better lifestyle?”


The Property Accelerator

Your Personal Treasure Map With Proven, Actionable, Property Tools, Strategies, And Support... To Build Your Wealth, Fast

From the desk of Bob Andersen,

Do you want to know with certainty how to access a proven wealth-creation system?

Do you want to use property as the centrepiece to secure your financial future? 

So you can have the freedom to live life on your terms…

Create long-term wealth and a cash flow stream to enjoy the life you deserve...

Position yourself as a successful property operator…

Bob Anderson: Founder and Owner Of Property Mastermind

And have the time-flexibility that you crave?

A life where you wake up each morning with the security of having a solid plan, and the knowledge and the support you need to succeed in property? 

Then this letter is your new best friend :-)

Let me tell you why...

But first, you NEED to hear this.

ALL of the property opportunities, systems and training you need to dramatically improve your life are here right now, ready and waiting for you.

All you need is to cut through all the hype of false experts and make a decision for your life, your loved ones and your future. 

You owe it to your future successful self to read this letter in its entirety. 

As Australia’s most experienced professional property educator, I’ve noticed a few things that separate the successful people from the unsuccessful.

After 35+ years at the top of the property tree and with over $1,000,000,000 of property deals under my belt, you need to know one important thing…

…I know exactly how to help people make money from property; a WHOLE lot of ways, even if you’re just starting out with limited funds.

If you’re unhappy with the money you’re earning, your limited lifestyle and concerned about your future wealth, you simply HAVEN'T applied the right system yet. 

My mission in life is to share this system with people like you, from beginners to advanced, who want to finally build serious equity and cashflow in a smarter, faster way…

How Do Everyday Investors Start Making $96K… $125K… $133K…Even $250K A Year?

Check Out Some Cool Results From Our Clients...


"The course has been a game changer. I did some small projects prior to the course and while I made a profit, I left lots of money on the table and wanted to learn how to do better. The skills I have learnt have added value to myself and other people that I work with. Plus I'm having fun meeting and working with many interesting people. I'm very grateful – thanks Bob!"


"Bob's course gave me the confidence in myself to ask investors for money. In the past I have only done projects myself with my own money and banks but now I have built my own investment base. Through Bob's teaching I have gained so much knowledge and I feel so much more confident."


"We have successfully applied Bob’s 35+ years of experience with spectacular results. In the space of 18 months the portfolio has increased to 22 properties.I am so grateful for Bob’s education, guidance and support."

If any of this sounds like you...

“I’m getting older and I don’t have the nest-egg I thought I would have by now”

“I feel like my boat has sailed and I missed it”

“My day job doesn’t make enough money to give me the life I want”

“I’ve tried property investing, but it didn’t seem to work for me”

“I want a better lifestyle for my family. One where money isn’t a problem and we have the time freedom to enjoy life”

“I’m sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching other people making money”

“I know property is a proven way to create wealth, but I don’t know where to start”

"I want to help more people and make a bigger difference, but to do that I need a lot more money”

I Promise You, You're Not Alone

These are the things so many people tell me. And I totally get it.

And believe me, I've made my share of mistakes!

When I first started out in property, there wasn't much available in the way of sound advice or education.

I had the benefit of working with some old-time pros who had been in the game for years, and they pointed me in the right direction.

But I also had to discover what worked and what didn't largely by myself in the "School Of Hard Knocks".

Over the course of the last 35 years, and my involvement in over one billion dollars-worth of property deals, I discovered what works and what doesn't.

Property doesn't have to be complicated…

…but there are some fundamental principles and guidelines that you must follow if you want to be successful.

I've seen many property disasters and in almost every single case it was because someone tried to do it on their own.

I’ve seen what happens when people don’t follow the rules, don’t follow a proven system and don’t have experts helping them.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

There is a better way to do things, and I want to share with you exactly how to do it. 

I know that deep inside you there’s a burning for more. 

To improve your financial situation and live life on your terms.

The desire and the quiet voice inside you is not going away.

When you invest in the right skills, knowledge and proven strategies for creating wealth from property, the world will become your playground.


you won't have to worry about money again!

Imagine now, how would you feel if you didn’t have to worry about money?

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Here is what others just like you had to say about working with me to build their property wealth:


"Thanks  Bob. I'm about $3.5 million profit up on where I was before your course…and way more after capital gains."


"Bob's course is awesome, covers all aspects of property development from start to finish in easy steps to follow and comprehend. By far the best on the market when it comes to property development.  Bob has the vast depth experience in property development."


"Bob's course is truely amazing. Knowledge rich individual and course that gives you the process of property development in clear, concise and detailed way in which everyone can learn."

I want to let you know that most of my courses have sold for $3,000 to $5,000. My private mentoring program is $30,000. (and worth every dollar - well that's the feedback).

MANY of my students have invested that and made millions of dollars from it.

My dream is to create a community of highly successful go-getters who want to implement a range of enhanced property strategies to build equity and cash flow FAST.

If you want this for yourself, I have some good news.

I am now making it affordable for everyone.

This is why I created the

‘The Property Accelerator’

The Property Accelerator is designed to help you enhance your cashflow, build equity rapidly and secure your financial future faster. 

The tools and strategies are an absolute game-changer when it comes to maximising returns from property. 

The program offers a range of “Value-Adding” strategies that anyone can learn to employ, simply and effectively. 

This is not about slow, boring ‘buy and hold’ property investment. I’m talking about fun and powerful strategies that make a lot more money faster like property development, renovating, granny flats, small subdivisions, modern rooming houses, strata subdividing flats, select commercial property, and student accommodation and Airbnb (when things get back to normal). 

With so much conflicting information out there, the biggest challenge for property lovers is knowing where to start and where to get the right information. 

Maybe you’ve invested in property courses from “Gurus”, only to find yourself out of pocket and feeling bitter or confused. 

Believe me, having been in the property industry for over 3 decades, I can pick the non-experts a mile away. Many of them just don’t have the deal-dollar value, time-span or geographic spread to call themselves experts.

In this field, there are people who puff up their chests stating they have been involved in anything from $5 million to $30 million of deals in their lifetime – usually in the one place. Multiply that by 35 to 200 times and spread it around Australia and you’d come close to equalling my experience.

I’m sharing this not to brag, but to give you a mathematical fact and inform you of the reality of the property educating landscape in Australia.

Let me put it this way. Let’s say you wanted to improve your tennis and you had two people to choose from to help you and they both charged the same amount. One was the district champion and the other was Roger Federer.

Who would you choose? 

The Property Accelerator is perfect for you if...

  • You are dissatisfied with your current financial situation
  • You want a better life for you and your family
  • ​You don’t want to waste time and money on getting this wrong
  • ​You know property is a great way to build wealth
  • ​You want to have professionals in your corner showing you how to do it right

And if you are sick and tired of...

  • The 'trial and error' approach to property  
  • ​Stressing about money
  • ​Feeling overwhelmed and confused by the sea of noise
  • ​Bursts of motivation that fade away quickly in the busyness of life
  • ​Self proclaimed “Guru’s" peddling false information

Then this is for you. 

Ok, let’s get cracking. Let me share with you all about:

The truth is nothing will change if you don’t change!

‘The Property Accelerator’

Course 1: Property Developer Course

The property develop course is the course that has produced 10x more property millionaires than anything else out there. Delivered monthly via 3 videos so that you can digest the unrivalled content in bite sized pieces, and easily learn each step. 

A similar course sells on my website for $2,995. 

You will…

  • Access a proven and tested step-by-step property development system covering the A-Z of property development across 33 videos.
  • Learn 8 different strategies to perform projects with little-to-no money of your own in our separate ‘Creative Finance Strategies’ course.
  • ​Gain insights from 10 hand-picked property development experts in our expert interview series.

Course 1:Valued at $2,495

Course 2: Renovation 101

Maybe you want to renovate your home to increase the value and extract more usable equity to reinvest. 

Or maybe you want to use it as a stepping-stone before moving to more lucrative property developments.

Whatever your motive, this course is where you will get the knowledge to systematically undertake a cosmetic renovation.

It covers every stage in absolute detail, from finding a deal to banking the profit and includes all the checklists, worksheets and tips you need to make your life easy.

Delivered monthly via 2 videos so that you can digest the valuable, unrivalled content in bite-sized pieces and easily learn each step. 

Course 2:Valued at $995

Course 3: Small Subdivisions

Small subdivisions are a fantastic way to enter the exciting and highly lucrative world of property development. 

Get all the insider tricks, tips and system to carry out small, profitable sub divisions from someone who has done over $100 million worth of ‘subbys’. 

This is a great way to “dip your toes in the water” and have all the knowledge you need to pull a six-figure profit in as little as just 4 months. 

Course 3:Valued at $795

Course 4: Creative Finance Strategies

There’s a good reason I’ve been known for decades as the ‘Dealmaker’. It’s because of my arsenal of secret creative ways of financing deals with little or no money. 

I used two of these strategies in my first two deals and without putting in so much as a cent into either, and I made enough profit to buy my house for cash. 

You’ll learn exactly how to do the same.

We’ll use joint ventures with equity partners, loan partners, and land owners. 

You’ll learn all about call options, syndicates, capital raising and fractional ownership. I break it all down so it’s easy to understand and apply. 

You can use these same strategies on investments, renovations, and developments. The size of the deal doesn’t matter. 

This is doable for you and can happen easier and faster than you think!

Many of my students have used these to do over six deals at the same time, worth over $20 million, and have put very little of their own money on the table. 

I recently raised enough capital to finance a $50 million five-stage development without using a bank. I released the offer on Friday, and it was over-subscribed by Sunday. 

If you’re short of capital, you have to learn this. And learn from the best in the business. It could make you millions. 

Course 4:Valued at $1,295

Course 5: Property Kickstart Coaching

Here’s a valuable dose of ‘tough love’. I can give you a billion dollars and 35+ years of my knowledge to launch or accelerate your property wealth but it will all count for nothing if you are missing ONE vital ingredient. 

When I look at my successful students, some making millions year in, year out, I see that vital ingredient at work. 

Lack it, and you might as well buy lottery tickets as your wealth strategy…

It’s all about the six inches between your ears. I’m talking about your mindset. 

To capitalise on the knowledge and tools you’re going to pick up in the The Property Accelerator, I have invited Property Mastermind Performance and Mindset Coach Hilary Saxton to create a short, yet very powerful and effective course all about how to stay focused, and confidently take action.

This course is all about the best strategies when it comes to goals, confidence, focus, action, and implementation. 

Normally you would have to be in my $30,000+ mentoring program to gain access to Hilary, but you now have this unique opportunity to learn the skills from Hilary personally.

Course 5:Valued at $795

Total Course Value: $6375

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING contained in 'The Property Accelerator' Today!

With a library of training, you'll have all the tools and resources you need at your fingertips, 24/7!

 If You Act Now You Will Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses Worth over $5,960 for FREE When You Enrol Today…

  FREE Bonus #1 ($895 Value)

# 1: Q & A

Mistakes cost money, so get the right answers to your questions first and FAST in our twice monthly Q & A session.

It could be about something you don’t understand, want more detail on or get specific, personalised help on a deal you are working on…

…so you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure you stay on the right track.

  FREE Bonus #2 ($795 Value)

# 2: Deal Or No Deal

Learn how to choose a good deal from a lemon as twice each month, I pull apart a deal that has landed on my desk, go through the due diligence, crunch the numbers and make an expert call on it from start to finish, all in one step-by-step video.

  FREE Bonus #3 ($695 Value)

 # 3: Interview with Industry Experts

The lifeblood of any project is to have the right team behind you. Each month I’ll be chatting with industry experts like architects, town planners, lawyers, financiers, builders and many more.

You will have access to these exclusive, behind-the-scenes experts so you will be fully informed on all the little-known tricks of the trade.
This is a great way to become familiar with the experts who are going to do the smart work heavy lifting for you. 

  FREE Bonus #4 ($695 Value)

 # 4: Member’s Projects

Be inspired, informed and supported each month, by seeing other members progressing with their projects. Hear what they have to share about their experience. 

This could range be renos, developments, or any of the wealth-building strategies I recommend.

  FREE Bonus #5 ($995 Value)

 # 5: Performance 
& Mindset 

My students who make millions aren’t just people who learned, but who applied what I taught them. 

Starting out with the right mindset, building confidence, being organised and having a plan are essential ingredients for your success. 

Each month Hilary Saxton, Property Mastermind’s Performance Coach, addresses these issues and supplies valuable tools that will keep you on track.

  FREE Bonus #6 ($$$ InValuable)

 # 6: Discounts

Hey, you love a bargain, right? As a community we’re able to use our collective buying power to negotiate discounts on a range of useful property related tools. 

And as a member you can also get exclusive VIP discounts on events and courses we run.

  FREE Bonus #7 ($995 Value)

 # 7: The Property Accelerator Closed Facebook Group

Having a VIP private community allows you to ask any questions, arrange catch-ups with other like-minded people and feel part of an energetic, go-ahead group of fellow property lovers. 
It’s about supporting each other and enjoying the journey together, overcoming any roadbumps along the way, and celebrating your wins!

It also includes lots of valuable content, expert tips, encouragement, and support from the Property Mastermind team.

  FREE Bonus #8 ($395 Value)

 # 8: Market Update

Each month, we issue a round-Australia update on the state of the property market, plus any current, topical comments circulating in the property arena…

You will be fully informed of any changes that affect you, without having to trawl through the information yourself.

Save yourself a bucket load of time and money!

  FREE Bonus #9 ($495)

 # 9: Virtual Meetups

Join myself, Hilary and your fellow members from around the country. We’ll be covering all the latest buzz and tips in the property ‘value-adding’ space, answering questions, sharing a relevant market round-up and hearing from special invited guests.

  FREE Bonus #10 ($$$ InValuable)

 # 10: National Contacts List

Because I do deals in every state and have a large, expanding national network of students doing all types of deals, we have formed a list of recommended professionals to make it easy when you need professional help.

This will stop you getting stuck and enable you to access only the best, to avoid costly mistakes. 

Your Investment Is Going To Be Just A Fraction Of What It's Worth

Here’s the deal…

If you jump in now, you’re not going to invest the full price of $12,335+ 

You’re not going to invest $5,000…

And you’re not even going to invest $3,000 …

You can get The Property Accelerator and all the free bonuses, for just…

$97 / month

Yes, I know what you are thinking - that I’ve gone stark, raving mad. 

Why would I want to give access to an incredibly valuable resource like The Property Accelerator for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day? 

Let me explain.

Property has given me an incredible life: wealth, freedom, a luxury lifestyle, long-lasting relationships, and a great feeling of fulfilment from passing my knowledge on to others and watching them prosper. 

My legacy for the last 10 years has been to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience. Now I want to make that accessible and more affordable for everyone. 

So, I’m going to take the risk of your decision to invest in The Property Accelerator away from you and put it on me. 

Here’s how it works…

If you’re loving what you see (unequalled content, support, insider knowledge, tips and info) simply do nothing and stay on board for $97 a month you can leave any time you want.  

That’s right, change your financial future for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, and you can leave anytime you want.

If you find The Property Accelerator is not for you, just let us know within the 30 days and your membership will be cancelled – no questions asked. 

Plus, you’ll take a heap of valuable information with you with our best wishes. 

As you can see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. This might be the easiest and smartest decision you’ve ever made!

 PROOF that "The Property Accelerator" Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed the Lives of People Who Applied the Strategies Found In this Course! 


"Bob's extensive knowledge coupled with his genuine sense of care and relaxed personality is what sets him apart from the rest. His course content and the depth will help avoid costly mistakes on the ground."


"I was Bob’s student…I made $2 million and more after doing Bob’s course."


"The .Course provided by Bob Andersen is a "no brainer must do" if you’re considering exploring and moving into property. The results of his students do all the talking."

Here Are The Top FAQs On The Property Accelerator

QUESTION #1: "Is this suited for beginners or the more advanced?"

The true beauty of The Property Accelerator is that it has been designed for anyone wanting to make money from property faster – whether they are a beginner or seasoned pro. 

You can choose from a range of proven money making strategies then choose the size deal you are comfortable with.…

QUESTION #2: Do I need to be good at tech?!

Not at all. This course was built with the “technophobe” in mind. There is an easy to use platform that houses the 5 courses. Just login using your personal code, choose your course then play your video.

All you need to access the 10 bonuses plus more is a Facebook account.

QUESTION #3: I know you are best known for property development – is this more for developers?

No, not necessarily. Renovations for instance are not developments. And small developments like splitting one lot into 2 titles can be easier and make more money than a lot of renos. 

Whatever the strategy you should be looking at holding for long term growth some of the properties you create at wholesale or even raw cost price. 

Get FULL access to everything for just $97 a month and receive $12,335 worth of value.

So, if you're ready to get started...

Click the button below and claim your spot  

I can't wait to see you inside!

Bob Andersen
Australia’s #1 most experienced Property Educator

Let Me Show You An Overview Of EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 
'The Property Accelerator' Today!

Here Is The Course Details 
(Total Value $6,375)

  • COURSE #1 - Property Developer Course (Value $2495) 
  • COURSE #2 - Renovation 101 (Value $995) 
  • ​COURSE #3 - Small Sub - Divisions (Value $795) 
  • ​COURSE #4 - Creative Finance Strategies (Value $1295)
  • ​COURSE #5 - Property Kickstart Coaching (Value $795)  

Get All These Bonuses For FREE 
(Value Over $5,960)

  • FREE Bonus #1 - Our Twice Monthly Q & A Session (Value $879) 
  • FREE Bonus #2 - Deal or No Deal ! (Value $795) 
  • FREE Bonus #3 - ​​Interview with Industry Experts (Value $695) 
  • ​FREE Bonus #4 - Member’s Projects (Value $695)
  • ​FREE Bonus #5 - Performance and Mindset (Value $995)
  • ​FREE Bonus #6 - Discounts (InValuable $$$)
  • ​FREE Bonus #7 - The Property Accelerator Closed Facebook Group (Value$995)
  • ​FREE Bonus #8 - Market Update (Value $395)
  • ​FREE Bonus #9 - Virtual Meetups (Value $395)
  • ​FREE Bonus #10 - National Contacts List (InValuable $$$)

Total Value Over: $12,335.00 

Invest In Your Future Today For $97